Whispering Woods Nursery


Step into a world where the gentle whispers of nature embrace you in a serene symphony of tranquility. Welcome to Whispering Woods Nursery, a haven of peace and wonder crafted by Little Baby Cribs. Here, amidst the rustling leaves and dappled sunlight, your little one will find solace and comfort in the embrace of Mother Nature. As you enter Whispering Woods Nursery, you'll be greeted by the soft murmur of gentle breezes and the warm glow of sunlight filtering through the trees. Each element of this enchanting nursery is designed to evoke the timeless beauty of a forest grove, creating a sanctuary where your baby can thrive and grow. Dimension:- 180*70 height 95 Type of wood:- Beech Wood Colors:- White with sleep natural wood color linings. Age group:- 0-5 years Key Features:- Two adjustable mattress levels and a removable size -Attached changing unit -One bottom storage drawer and three small drawers to store all your babies necessities -Removable side How to take care:- Use a gentle, dry cloth to remove dust and avoid using any abrasives or household cleaners that may damage the surface.

28,900 EGP

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