Ahmed Motawea

Ahmed, a graduate of The American University in Cairo, began as a construction engineer and stood out for his leadership and teamwork. He progressed to become a commercial manager at Emaar, known for delivering value and transparency. His career showcased his natural leadership and commitment to fostering a collaborative work environment. Ahmed’s entrepreneurial journey began in his youth, driven by his passion for business and innovation. He founded Little Baby Cribs, a startup focused on creating safe and comfortable baby cribs and rooms. Becoming a father ignited his desire to provide the best for his child, inspiring his brand’s values of safety and comfort. Ahmed’s commitment to his dreams and his ability to overcome obstacles marked him as a visionary destined for success in the business world. Ahmed’s remarkable ability to multitask and manage numerous projects paved the way for his success at Little Baby Cribs. His dedication to innovation transformed the company, while his love for his family remained his driving force. His cribs not only prioritize safety and comfort but also embody his heartfelt commitment. Ahmed’s legacy is one of love, family, and the belief that dedication can make anything possible.

Mai Selim

The Co-founder Mai Selim, graduated from the American University in Cairo with a major in Accounting and a Minor in Economics. She worked as an accountant and a tax consultant in Ernst & Young for two years until she realized that it is not her passion. Two years later In 2017 Little Baby Cribs was founded by Mai Selim and the two brothers Ahmed Motawed and Mohamed Motawea. They were basically designing their newborns bedrooms and couldn’t find anything comfortable, with a high quality and reasonable prices. And therefore they went ahead and designed two beautiful rooms, that our kids grew in and made amazing memorable memories. Since then it’s been their mission to bring the utmost in quality, safety and style into every families home

Mohamed Motawea

One of the founders, is a Mechanical Engineer who graduated from the American University in Cairo in 2010. Motawea started his career in the Loss Adjusting field, which gave him exposure to numerous industrial fields all over the globe, one of which is furniture manufacturing. In 2016, he decided to learn more about this field and by 2017, he was able to commence, with the other founders, the establishment of the first wood manufacturing line executing the first piece of furniture holding Little Baby Cribs brand name and this is when the most pleasant journey of his career life; as he claims, started.